Information & Policies

We Do English Learning Tours of The U.S.A.. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)


The primary function of Bell Schools and Cultural Centers is to bring your child into the modern multi-cultural world of today with confidence, learning skills and respect for their peers and elders.

Through newly developed methods and practices that are unique in the realm of teaching, we make learning fun, interesting and fruitful for your children.

We build confidence and ability into your children starting on day one. We believe every student to be the best. Our research has proven our methods.  We did studies for more than 2 1/2 years with real students to prove and improve our methods that teach them how to learn, and build confidence in their abilities day by day. We make learning fun.  They may not feel like they are in “school” because we truly make learning an enjoyable function.

First we teach them Behavior.  That includes respect for others and their abilities; Respect for their elders and authorities; Respect for each other.

We then move to ethics.  We teach them simple ways to distinguish right from wrong. Things that benefit others are right. Things that damage others are wrong.  No complex dogma here. We help them understand  what selfishness is and how to avoid it;  How to love others in proper ways without letting others take advantage of them.

We also teach them to work with others for the greater benefit of all. Each student is encouraged to help others in something they are good at, that another may be missing and still recognizing that the other students all have talents they may need help in. In this way, everyone benefits and is elevated.

We teach your children methods of learning.  All schools expect children to learn, but have you heard of any school that actually teaches learning skills?

We do!

Language is taught in natural ways. We teach practical English that can actually be used in conversation and we teach your children ways to understand what they hear easily. They will learn how to follow and give directions. They will be able to navigate real situations and understand where they are. We provide more information on this in our interviews.


Our policies for operations are detailed here.
We maintain multiple locations throughout each city to provide easy access to busy parents.
We understand life can be filled with pressure and we are hear to help relieve some of that pressure.
We only accept eight students per class.
We have one Native English Speaker and one Native Chinese Speaker that is competent in English in each classroom.

Interviews are required for both students and parents prior to acceptance into a class structure and only when positions are available at any given location.
We guarantee results.
We want your child to be the best and we see them as our children too.  We take great pride in our student body.